Seven Reasons Why Jobs From Home Are The More Than A Trend

Do you commute from home to work every day?

If yes, then you are one of the thousands of employees whose lives have been reduced to getting to and from work on time, meanwhile worrying about the consequences of getting late.

Employers are increasingly concerned about the productivity of their workers, which is directly linked to the mental and physical state of the employee. Keeping in view the current scenario around the globe, it seems like remote employees who work on their jobs from home are going to take over the world in the near future.

Let us have a brief look at some of the factors that make the future of remote working brighter than ever!

Reduction in Commuting Time

Everyone wants to get rid of the hassle of having to reach the office on time.

Employees spend a chunk of their pay on fuel and car maintenance when using their personal transport. Others spend on train and bus tickets and have to bear the inconvenience of travelling in public transports

Enhanced Productivity

Many workers have claimed that they get distracted from work due to the pressure of the office environment and co-workers, which affects their productivity.

A Canadian Life Survey showed that remote workers ranked their productivity as 7.7/10 as compared to 6.5/10 for office workers.

Improved Employee Retention

Keeping employees happy and loyal is an organization’s biggest success! Working from home is considered as an attractive benefit for employees, and they prefer working in companies and firms that offer such flexibility to their employees.

Level of Absenteeism

Interestingly, people working from home took a less number of sick leaves and extra days off, as compared to full-time office workers. This is because of the convenience they enjoy by working from home.

Even if an employee falls ill, they would probably still work from home whereas they would have taken a day off if they had had to go to the office.

Wider Reach

It is possible to hire a remote worker from anywhere around the globe. This gives a company a wider reach, thus maximizing the chances of finding the ideal candidate for their vacancy.

This also gives people with mobility issues, disabilities, and people living in far-flung areas, a chance to get a good paying job.

Keeping Up With Life

While working from home, you can actually get to your appointments with your doctor on time! You will have enough time and energy to manage other tasks at home. A person working from home can focus more on their personal life.

Less Investment – More Saving!

Hiring remote workers means that the business does not have to pay for their space in the office, or bear the utility cost of their workstation. Every person in the office uses electricity; the fewer the employees, the fewer the consumption!

For the remote worker, working from home means saving on commute and office wardrobe, as well as saving on formalities such as gifts or treats to co-workers